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Door to the World
for Everyone

What School With Inc. is eager to realize is the society that have abundant competitive human resources to the global standard in a practical way, by broadening your potential to the first step to the world. If you have ever wondered where is the best place to do what you want or lean with brilliant joy, or to maximize your ability, we are always with you. We aim to see the society for people with World Map in their mind in any decision.


Making Your Choice to Do Anything,
Anywhere in the World

There occurred a flood of the choices and information to be a world-class person, however they have not been integrated properly for now. To solve this problem, we straighten and divide the information into right categories as Education and Careers, then provide it to the right place as well as supplying users with the practical support to realize the choices. We aim to create the services and products that would be handed to next generation in high demand.


Can We Paint the World Map in Your Mind,
Instead of Old Japanese One?

"Where would you like to work if we chould choose in our future career?"
The young people who works for the advertisemet agencies were having this conversation at the cafe in the Philippines.
I was greatly surprised and shocked to hear the answers for this question.

They said,
”London sounds good for me.”
"Definitely Hong Kong, or Singapore maybe."
"What about the United States? But Tokyo would be nice too...."

That was what I had never heard in Japan.
I was expecting to hear that they would want to work in major corporations, start-up companies, or start their own business.

The young people talked, in front of me, about what I had never talked before with my friends in my life. That was the moment for me that I realized they, citizens in the WORLD, always have literally a World Map in their mind with no doubt that we Japanese never had.

In near future no one would be surprised, unlike me in the past, to choose where to work or live anywhere in the world leaving mother countries. We live the new age on the globe where we can go anywhere and lean what we want with one important tool:LANGUAGE, that makes it possible to enjoy such life time experience.

So, as for the contents of studying abroad, I focus on language training for some reasons. For now, there have been daunting challenges to choose a school overseas since the information is not always available. To solve the problem, I started to support future students first with offering clear information on the schools or features of the country they are considering.
I do not want anyone to waste any of their time studying abroad since that is really precious and limited, so offering each of them the best choice is my mission and policy to continue the service, and I would make every effort to progress our service that future users would think essential when thinking about study-abroad.

As SchoolWith Inc, our challenge has just started as we are "the new kids on a block".
We challenge to make continuous contribution to better social world and aim to see the new society of people with World Map in their mind in any decision. And someday, I hope we would hear the young neighbors in my favorite cafe near my house, talking about the WORLD to be, and to enjoy the life with.

SchoolWith Inc.
Hideki Ota

Born in 1985, in Miyagi-prefecture, Japan.
Ota joined and won a business contest when he was a university student, and cofounded Oceanize,inc. with his team members to run the advertising service TADACOPY. (a free printing service with the advertisement on the back of paper documents)
He left the job to travel the world after having spent 5 years for the company, and before setting off he experienced English language training in the Philippines. During his journey, he built and ran “SAMURAI Backpacker Project” with his mission to promote young people’s mind opened to across the world. He had travelled 50 countries for almost 2 years and made a unique connection with the people, mostly business persons around the world. In 2013, he founded SchoolWith and assumed the office as CEO.
Published Book
"Super Low Cost ENGLISH"-The Phillippines English Training (by Toyo Kezai Inc.)
What the World is Like -left Japan just to see it- (by Iroha Publishing Inc.)
We Know the World Less than 1mm (by Iroha Publishing Inc.,and Gentosha Inc.)
WORK MODELS (by Iroha Publishing Inc.)


Most of the members at SchoolWith have experiences of studying-abroad or working holiday oversea, that makes it possible to offer our service with practical advice. Our unique and outstanding members are looking forward to seeing you to support your first step to the world.